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Freya x Hampui Hats

Freya x Hampui is a collaboration between The Freya Brand and Hampui Medicine Hats. Willee Roberts of Hampui is a custom hatmaker who creates Medicine Hats in Berkeley, CA.  Roberts' custom hats are created to channel healing and receive blessings through the process and ceremony of their creation.  The Freya x Hampui collaboration preserves the unique handmade, spiritual nature of Roberts' craftsmanship and merges it with the Freya ethos.  Freya x Hampui hats are designed for the fashionable nomad incorporating novelty trims sourced from around the world, including woven ribbons from Peru, Sari fabric from India, and scarves and iconography from Freya's Middle and Far Eastern influence.  All hats are 100% wool or a pure combination of Rabbit and Coypu fur and are sourced from a 100 year old factory in Bolivia.